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Get Connected to your Collie Workshop

We offer our 'Get Connected to your Collie' workshops across the UK. 

The workshop is perfect for any collie owner or enthusiast looking to better understand what makes this quirky breed tick. Ellen will share useful tips on how the origin of the breed influences their behaviour and how to work with your collie to get more engagement and focus in your life with them.

Practical sessions will put those herding instincts to use with an introduction to the wonderful world of Urban Herding.


This fantastic activity teaches the dog to “work” a number of balls, harnessing their herding abilities in a fun and challenging way that leaves them happy and fulfilled. If you live with a frustrated herder, Urban Herding might just be the answer!

The workshop will help you to:

Understand the quirks of the breed,

Learn how to work with your dogs desire to herd,

Learn how to play Urban Herding,

How to make sure your dog is satisfied and needs are fulfilled.

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2023 Events

15th July - Dogs & the City, Scotland, EH55 8RF

16th July - Dogs & the City, Scotland, EH55 8RF

5th August - Bishop's Stortford CM23 4AT

16th September - The Crook,Carlisle, CA6 6PJ

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