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The Urban Herder

Herding Breed Specialist
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My name is Ellen and I'm the face behind the Urban Herder. It is my mission to help herding breeds and their owners to thrive in the urban environment. 

You're likely here as you are at your limit with your dog's behaviour. Sharing our lives with a herding breed should be pleasurable and relaxing, but sometimes it can feel as if you are chasing your dogs tail!

Imagine walks without your dog lunging at cars, barking at dogs or people. Walks without fear or stress. The life you imagined with your dog. 

It does not have to be this way. All of this is possible.

The Urban Herder has supported hundreds of dog's and their guardians to help them unlock their dogs full potential. We are proud to have our high standards of training assessed by many professional organisations. These include:
Training your Herding Breed

Herding breeds are unlike any other, a breed that has been selectively bred for one purpose, herding. Attributes of the breed include a high level of intelligence, a drive to learn and please accompanied by high levels of energy. The ultimate duracell bunny.

At times these traits can cause our herdings breeds to experience conflict within the urban environment.


By working with The Urban Herder an experienced owner, behaviourist and specialist in herding breeds you can create a better relationship,improve communication and understanding between yourself and your herder.

We will work together to conquer any challenges you're facing with your dog.

Ready to solve your dogs problems? Click the appropriate links down below and let’s get your learning journey started. 

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Learn how to connect with your herding breed  through herding games.

Dog training

For those who prefer the convenience, flexibility or have dogs that would not cope in a group situation, we offer flexible, individually tailored one to one dog training.

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collie collective

A self-paced online community available to owners of herding breeds. 

Helping with all training challenges.


For those experiencing behavioural challenges that need a tailored, flexible approach to set the dog up for success.

Victoria & Ringo from Halifax, West Yorkshire

"Ringo, our 10 months old Border Collie was not a fan of traffic. He'd lunge toward any passing cars, going into his own zone & ignoring us.

It was very stressful for us both, I was constantly worried that the lead would snap.

Ellen is very knowledgeable about Border Collies and explained a lot of about Ringo's behaviour. We understand that Ringo was fearful & know how we can help him. 

After three sessions, Ringo is a different boy. We are now able to maintain his attention and walk near cars which I honestly thought that we would never be able to do! to do!

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Ready to help your Herding Breed thrive?

Deciding what support you need can be overwhelming. We are always happy to chat about your dog and your situation. 

We offer in person services in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Our virtual services are available to all clients outside of these areas. *please note that a mileage charge will apply to all bookings outside of a 25 mile radius of the trainers home address.

You can contact Beth via email or phone. Alternatively schedule a free discovery call with Ellen via Zoom.

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