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Unleash Your Herder, Eliminate Their Issues:


You deserve the best support possible for training your Collie, and that can seem impossible to find.


Having an Urban Herder who refuses to come back when called, pulls on lead, and herds everything in sight can be overwhelming. 


This can be further complicated if your collie is reactive and anxious. You may dart into bushes to avoid people and dogs on walks, or stress and the thought of people coming over. Your Collie may despise being left, or guard their toys and food from you and your family.


You’ve probably tried so many things before. Classes, 1-2-1s, group walks. And while some have helped a bit, none have helped you get fully on top of your dog’s concerning issues.

What you need to find is a safe space to ask questions, receive expert guidance and practical advice from people who know Collies.

Specialist Training for Herding Breeds On - Demand
Ready to enjoy your herding breed and unlock their potential?

Members of the Collie Collective are enjoying specialist training for their herding breeds that brings calm to the chaos. Imagine if......

You could take your dog from reactive to proactive and they could be around other dogs and people without vocalising.

You discovered your herding breeds off switch and could take them to new places where they relax.

You learned to harness your dogs desire to herd and provided an outlet.

You could build a strong connection with your dog learning how to hold their attention around distractions.

You could trust your herding breed to come back to you when called allowing you to enjoy walks without the lead.

You could walk around traffic, cyclists, joggers or children without your dog herding or getting stuck in a predatory pancake.

Longer walks, aversion training techniques or ball throwing is not the answer. Learn to work with your herding breed. 

Unlock the secrets with The Collie Collective.

Kickstarted by expert collie trainer Ellen, this private online training group is dedicated to all things herding, and is the ultimate hub for supporting your learning journey. You’ll be immersed in all the information needed to improve your dog’s behaviour, meet their needs and enjoy your life together.

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Expert Exercises - inside the collective you’ll learn everything you’ll need to change your dog’s behaviour. From nailing down a perfect recall to re-directing their herding instincts, there isn’t a single problem you have that isn’t covered.

Audio, Video and Written - Everyone learns differently, and that’s why our tutorials come in written and video form! This allows you to read back over the tips and tricks and watch to see exactly what it should look like!

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Ground Up - Ellen knows Collies, from proper working dogs to general pets, she eats, sleeps and breathes herding breeds. There isn’t anything Collie related she doesn’t know. She’s even bred a litter too!

Q&As and Lives - You’ll get the opportunity to ask Ellen questions for her to provide immediate feedback on your training and behaviour problems. Ellen will post new Q&As and Lives every week, so there will always be new things to learn!

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Incredible Speakers - It won’t just be Ellen you’ll be learning from. With her diverse connections, you’ll hear from incredible trainers, behaviourists, vets and nutritionists all across the world!

Worldwide Access - You can work with Ellen from anywhere in the world! No matter where you live you can access all of these fantastic resources.

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Exclusive Discounts - Exclusive discounts with brands and workshops with the Urban Herder.

A Safe Community - everyone in the group is just like you. There will never be any judgement for the issues you’ll face, and it’ll be a team effort to help you solve your issues.

All of this for just £50 a month! You’ll finally be able to eliminate your Collie’s training and behaviour issues.


You ready? Walk into the Collie Collective and let us help you achieve your ideal collie, no matter what issues you’re facing!

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