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Millie Sword- Admin

BSc (Hons)


- Millie is our administrator, she has a background in therapy and rehabilitation with both dogs and horses, holding a first class hons in Equine therapy and rehabilitation. 

- Millie enjoys organising workshops and classes, you'll find her behind the scenes of The Urban Herder making sure everything runs smoothly.eea




Finding and selecting a dog trainer to support you and your dog can be overwhelming. Get to know the team and our approach to determine if we'd be the right professional for you.


- Qualified 

I've spent over five years expanding my knowledge through hundred of hours in professional development, pursuing and completing a degree in Animal Behaviour and Training as well as undertaking assessments to join pet professional bodies.

- Experienced

Prior to finding my niche in herding breeds, I've worked alongside dogs of varying breeds from rare to common, dogs of all ages and learning capabilities. I believe that you must always work with the dog that is in front of you. By accepting their history, understanding their current challenges and formulating a plan for the future success is not far away.

Since specialising in herding breeds I have gained an understanding of how to harness the breeds desire to learn and work with their natural abilities. 

Jasper, my dog in a million showed me how our herding breeds can struggle with urban life. I travelled the length and breadth of the country learning how to help him thrive. Since Jasper, I have made it my mission to help herding breeds and their owners to live together peacefully and happily.

- Accredited 

I'm proud to be affiliated with several Pet Professional Associations that have assessed our dog training capability, conduct and knowledge. Ellen is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), and International Companion Animal Network (ICAN).


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