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Image by Kamila Wk


Off Switch 

Off Switch Initiation

So now it is time to step it up a little bit and see if our dogs can show some frustration tolerance and impulse control.


Going from high stimulation and arousal to chilled out and relaxed!


Start with something pretty unexciting with your dog and then slowly build up to working with something your dog loves, such as a game of Tug or playing with their favourite toy.

Use the excitement checklist to write down everything that excites your dog. 

Using that list, start with the least exciting thing and work up to most exiting. Start walking around or having a little play for a 30 seconds, then remove the toy or stop moving and place your foot on the lead and disengage from your dog. We want our dogs to notice the cue of the foot being on the lead and switch off. After 20-30 seconds in a settle, give them a treat and re-initiate the game. If your dog Is struggling to switch off maybe try a less interesting activity or a shorter settle and build it up.


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