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Image by Ethan Hu


Parking the 


Parking your dog is a really nice alternative to a formal settle, in a down. It is great for when you're out and about and just need your dog to switch off and relax while you do something, this may be talk to someone, pick up poo or order something from a cafe!


It is a really simple, and you placing your foot on your dogs lead become to cue for your dog to chill out and relax.

To do this, we would recommend and 6 foot, doubled ended, training lead, so that you have enough length to stand on the lead and also keep hold of the handle.


Halti do a really nice training lead for under £10, Personally I really like the fleece perfect fit double ended training leads, as they're really comfortable to hold and really well made.

Parking the dog is a really great exercise to help your dog deal with frustration and disengage.

Place your foot on the lead, which is the visual cue to your dog to say "okay we're finished", and don't look at them.


Count to 3 in your head, if your dog is calm and doesn't jump up or bark, give them a treat, take your foot off the lead, move and engage with them.


Keep doing this, building up the time of disengagement each time. Eventually you will be able to put your foot on the lead and your dog will just sit or lye down. If your dog is really struggling with this try using a chew or a immobilised food toy.


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