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Image by Anna Dudkova




Start with a blanket, lure your dog on to the blanket and into a down position. You will need plenty of treats.

Calming sit with your dog and keep placing a treat between their paws. don't say much to them during this training as we want them to switch off and relax.


We want to look for signs our dog is starting to fully relax such as sighing, shifting their weight over and laying on their hip, rather than in an alert sphynx style down. or even resting their head on the side of the bed or the floor.


It can be useful to start this training on lead, so if they get up they can't just do an unwanted behaviour and you can easily lure them back onto the bed. Once your dog is starting to get it and chilling out, start to increase the time they must be settled before you reward them. Start with just a couple of seconds and slowly build it up to a few minutes between each treat. Gradually build up by a couple of seconds each time over multiple training sessions.Once your dog starts to get the hang of it and is shifting their weight so they’re comfortable and relaxed, you can start practising with them off lead.

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