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A tired Collie or a calm Collie?

We own multiple high drive breeds from collies to terriers which we enjoy long hikes with to short strolls with.

The walks made up of miles and miles may make our dogs sleep well that night but simultaneously increase stamina.

Throwing the ball repeatedly for our herding breeds will stimulate them physically and temporarily tire them but it also increases arousal levels, creating an addiction.

Our dogs start to require more and more physical stimulation to settle.

They can fixate constantly on their next ball ‘fix’ and will not be calm on a walk without one.

But is a tired dog a happy dog?

There is a vast difference between calmness and tiredness.

Teaching an off switch is the biggest, most important life skill in our opinion.

Does your dog have an off switch?

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1 Comment

Michele Parker
Michele Parker
Aug 29, 2023

Where can I find more about an off switch? We have a 9.5 week old pup and want to raise him right ❤️

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