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Mourn the Dog you wanted..

It can be hard to accept the dog that you have now is not the dog that you wanted. The life you dreamed of, planned for is no longer possible.

Often owners blame themselves, find the life with a dog with behavioural challenges overwhelming and become stuck in a rut.

Mourning the dog that you thought you were going to have will help you to move forward with the one you have.

Forgive your dog for their behaviours that are frustrating, allow them and yourself grace during this challenging period.

Train the dog infront of you and remember it won't always be this way.

You are allowed to be frustrated, angry and upset. You are allowed to dream of an 'easy' dog that is less of a challenge. We can assure you that your dog feels the same way.

Mourn the dog you thought that you'd have before you support, love and work with the dog in front of you.

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